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Used 45 foot high cube pallet wide container (Class A)


The Containers 45 feet High Cube used is suitable for ocean freight, storage and fitting out. The 45-foot high cube container is particularly resistant because its entire Corten steel structure is made up of corrugated iron walls and spars on which a 28mm marine plywood floor resides.

Technical specifications.

Interior dimensions:

- Length: 13,557 mm
- Width: 2,414 mm
- Height: 2,690 mm

External dimensions:

- Length: 13,716 mm
- Width: 2,438 mm
- Height: 2,896 mm

Door dimensions:

- Width: 2340 mm
- Height: 2580 mm

Structure: CORTEN fully welded
Floor: MARINE plywood 28 mm

Opening on an exterior face by two robust doors
Resistant closures by 4 vertical cremones
Doors open at 270 °.

Further information:

- Max load: 25,600 kg
- Empty weight: 4,820 kg
- Max weight: 30,420 kg


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- Over 30cm high
- Secure and waterproof
- Additional storage
- Stackable in 7 heights
- Easy installation and without limits
- Self-supporting structure
- ISO Type 42G1 conformity - ISO group 42GP

The expert's opinion:

The 45 HC shipping container opens outwards at its end, it is equipped with a double door which can be locked by two cremones on each opening.
It is a multimodal solution: road, rail, barge, and maritime. It can be transported and delivered by different modes.
The 45-foot container is available in a wide pallet version giving it a greater width in order to increase the storage capacity or the number of euro pallets (33 pallets or 25 % additional storage).
All our new 45-foot high cube containers (First trip) or second-hand (Last trips) meet the CSC (Container Safety Certificate - CSC plate) standard, certifying and guaranteeing control of the waterproofing.

Need advice, specific container dimensions, consult us.

Containers 45 pieds High Cube Classe A
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