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New high cube pallet wide 40 feet container


The new 40 foot high cube container is a 12 m long waterproof container with a cubic capacity of 76 m3 and a height of 2.89 m. This container can be used for storage, maritime transport, export of goods, but also for the construction of houses based on containers for example.

Technical specifications.

Interior dimensions:

- Length: 12,029 mm
- Width: 2,350 mm
- Height: 2,690 mm

External dimensions:

- Length: 12,192 mm
- Width: 2,438 mm
- Height: 2,890 mm

Door dimensions:

- Width: 2340 mm
- Height: 2580 mm

Structure: CORTEN fully welded
Floor: MARINE plywood 28 mm

Opening on an exterior face by two robust doors
Resistant closures by 4 vertical cremones
Doors open at 270 °.

Further information:

- Max load: 26,460 kg
- Empty weight: 3,940 kg
- Max weight: 30,480 kg


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-Secure and waterproof
-Additional storage
-Multi-modal solution
-Stackable to 7 heights
-Easy and unlimited installation
-Self-supporting structure
-ISO Type 42G1 - ISO group 42GP compliance

The expert's opinion:

The 40ft sea container can open outwards on its end, as it is equipped with a double door lockable by two cremone bolts on each leaf.
The new 40ft first trip sea container is also equipped with a padlock cover to secure access.
It is a multimodal solution, road, rail, barge, and ocean. It can be transported and delivered by different vehicles.
Save 30 cm in height and 10% in volume by taking a 40 foot high cube (40 HC) model.
All our new (first trips) or used (last trips) containers meet the CSC (Container Safety Certificate - CSC plate) standard, certifying and guaranteeing a watertightness check.

Need advice, specific container dimensions, consult us.

Container high cube pallet wide 40 pieds neuf
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